Support Ukraine

I don’t claim to have a deep understanding of politics, local, national or geopolitics. I save my comments on the people, the process and the results of politics for private conversations.

As a result I can’t speak with any authority on the factors that are at play in Ukraine. I have not studied the Minsk Agreements, nor any of the other agreements that preceded it. So I won’t comment on the Crimea or the Donbas regions and the historical conflicts that ostensibly precipitated the current invasion.

I find myself almost feeling guilty as I consider writing anything, as every post that I could put out, whether it be about DevOps, Team Building, Agile Processes, Development or any other subject is overshadowed by my thoughts of this invasion. Everything seems trite by comparison with Ukraine’s suffering.

But, I haven’t stopped working and still have to make a living. The world hasn’t stopped in outrage, even if I believe it should.

To be clear on my feelings, I am filled with rage and disgust at the current behaviour of Russia’s leaders and of others that have created the circumstances where this can happen; at the lack of immediate and sharp action that would force the invasion to stop and bring people to the table; at the lack of willingness to simply freeze all Russian money immediately until there is an immediate cessation of the violence.

What Can I Do

But how can I make my feelings known? How can I ensure that Ukraine stays at the forefront of everyone’s mind.

I’m going to continue to put blog posts out, and at the end of every post I will include a statement on Ukraine. Those of you reading those posts can choose to read them, ignore them or add similar comments to your own posts. The choice as always is yours.

I don’t have a huge number of followers, but even if only one person is reminded of Ukraine, then I will have played some small part. This is a tiny, tiny action, but in its way it allows me to express my support of Ukraine, and take a stand against the increasing range of autocratic, narcissistic, bigoted and intolerant men and women who put themselves above the needs of the people of the world.

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