The Nazca Lines

Heading For Paracas International Airport
Flight Delayed Due To Cloud Cover – That Second Helping of Breakfast Is Looking Like A Good Idea
Hmm, So Where’s Our Plane?
No Seriously, Where’s Our Plane.
Where’s The Seatbelt?
What Have We Got Ourselves Into?
The Arrival Of The Co-Pilot – Greeted With A Certain Degree Of Cynicism
Should I Really Be This Close To The Pilot?
Finally Off
Definitely Cloud Cover
Cloud Cover Starting To Clear
Clouds Clearing Over The – Oh, You Really Meant A Desert
Vineyards – In The Desert
Why Is The Co-Pilot Only Reading The Manual Now?
Spot The River In The Desert
The Whale – Not The Best Start
Ancient Alien Evidence #3 – Runways
Ancient Alien Evidence #4 – Aliens
Monkey – And Our Plane’s Shadow
Pretty Spirals – Nazca Abstract Art
The Humming Bird
The Condor
The Spider
Two Things Here – The Pelican and The Beak Of The Heron
The Tree
A Bit Too Close For Comfort

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