Chats with my Daughter – Sexism

If you spend any time on the internet you’ve undoubtedly seen at least one video of a cute child explaining the world to their parents. The combination of innocence, sincerity and (often) a lispy voice has led to millions of views and heart warming comments.

You might think this post will fall into that domain – I wish that were the case…

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Backlog Refinement – It’s Exploration, not Negotiation

Establishing closer relationships between the business people and developers is a central principle of agile processes. At the heart of this relationship is the Product Owner role, which carries the responsibility for establishing a bridge between both groups.

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Agile Errors – Sashimi and Skateboards

Forewarned is forearmed for this post, I will admit that this evening has been largely filled with music of a more psychedelic nature. You can blame Jefferson Airplane for this, but if you stick with me for the journey you will learn the connection between fish, extreme sports and technology processes with nary a reference to Douglas Adams (so long and thanks for all the fish).

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Architecture and Agile

I’m involved in quite a few interviews as InvoiceFair grows its technical team.

Interviews are always interesting; you get a sense of what’s going on with the market, but also what people understand of the software development processes that operate within their own organisation and the subject of software development processes in general.

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