Chinchero, The Sacred Valley and Ollyantaytambo

Eat Your Pets!
Not Just Llamas Then
Llama Wool Grading (this is important later)
They Love Their Spuds
And Corn
Don’t Forget Quinoa
Over To The Traditional Weaving Demo
Natural Dying and Curious Babies
Results in Beautiful and Complex Weaves
Entering Chinchero
Our First Look at Inca Terraces
Needed One Photo with Me
Joel – Our Guide
They Built Churches on the Inca Alters
Using The Same Stones
(Stops the pesky natives coming back)
It’s High Enough and Dry Enough That They Freeze Dry Potatoes at Night In The Open Air
Overlooking the Sacred Valley
At 3,700m Things Look a Little Small Down There
Then Down to Ollyantaytambo
Grain Stores and Faces (ask me if you can’t see them)
The View At The Top
Is No Less Intimidating Than The View From The Bottom
But Its Still a Working Town
Secrets Revealed – They Use These To Tie On Ropes for Moving
Of Course They Have A Sun Alter
Made From Massive Rocks
Still Being Restored
With Some Areas Closed Off
Amazing Views
Ancient Alien Evidence #1 – Explain This!

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