Touring Machu Picchu

Our Bus Queue – One Of Many At 08:30
A Plaque To Hiram Bingham – Explorer
Strolling In
First Looks
Haven’t Lost The Boys Yet
Looking Back At The Entrance to Machu Picchu
Walking Along The Terraces of Machu Picchu
Putucusi and Huayna Picchu – The Holy Mountains
Safety First – Don’t Step Off The Edge
The Point of Arrival Yesterday Is To The Top Of Machu Picchu
Coming Around To The Sun Temple – Not To Be Confused With The Sun Gate From Yesterday
The Entrance To The Kings Suite Of Rooms
Funny Story, Not For Pulling Stones Around This Time, But Rather For Tying Up The Jaguar That Guarded The King’s Chambers (hence the vertical hole)
The King’s En Suite Bathroom
The Kings Chamber – All Rooms Have This Vent In The Upper Area Of The Roof
The Guardroom Beside The King’s Chambers
*SNIFF* For Those Of Us Who’ve Been There, *AHEM* We Know This To Be Huayna Picchu
Apparently This Was The Place Where The High Priest Kept His Virgins
None Of The Pictures I Had Seen Prepared Me For The Size Of Machu Picchu
You Never Get To See All Of It In One Go
Pachacuti (Nine Inca) Liked A Bit Of Shade While Waiting To Enter The Temple
Entrance To The Temple Of The Sun
No Temple Is Complete Without A Fountain
Every Now And Then You Look To The Horizon
Spare Construction Materials
If You’re Going To Have A View ‘Out Back’ I Guess This Is A Good One
Up There Is The Sun Dial – Now With Restricted Access
Some Of Those Corridors Are Pretty Narrow
The Sun Temple From Above
They Do Love Their Hydroelectric Power – Not The Incas, Peruvians
Now It’s Getting Really Busy
Not Completely Immune To Earthquakes
Looking Down To the Sacred Tree – Or Maybe Just The Last One Standing
Open Fields down The Middle
A Surprisingly Long Walk From The Entrance To The Back
Ancient Alien Proof #2 – See How This Giant Rock Mirrors The Landscape Behind?
Looking Back Whence We Came Yesterday
The Entire Site Is Riddled With Drains
The Theory Is That There’s Another Temple Over There – As Yet Undiscovered
So That’s Busy Enough For Me To Want To Leave
Mirrors To Make Star Gazing Easier
The Temple Of The Condor
No Day Is Complete Without A Llama
The Llama’s On The Left
This One Doesn’t Spit
Back To Cusco