Stand with Ukraine

On February 24th 2022, Russia invaded Ukraine in a unilateral act of aggression.

Irrespective of your country, your ideology, your religion or your political persuasions, this action should horrify you.

There should be no tolerance for resorting to violence; there should be no acceptance that weapons are the path to anything other than violence.

I don’t claim to have sufficient context on the background of the Ukraine / Russia relationship to offer any insights into the events that led to to this outcome, but I do firmly believe that the simple fact of having more weapons, more tanks, more guns and more bombs does not give any nation state or actor the right to impose their will on the people of any nation, including their own.

I leave this page here as a statement of support for Ukraine, as a testament to the people of Ukraine who are suffering unnecessarily and as a stand against the strong arm tactics of any nation that would use their superior power to oppress others.


Ukraine flag photo created by wirestock –

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