Support Ukraine

I don't claim to have a deep understanding of politics, local, national or geopolitics. I save my comments on the people, the process and the results of politics for private conversations. As a result I can't speak with any authority on the factors that are at play in Ukraine. I have not studied the Minsk... Continue Reading →

The High Performance Team

"What if I told you we were putting a team together?"Tony Stark aka Iron Man "I'm putting together a team, people with special abilities..."Bruce Wayne aka Batman When we're recruiting a new team, or augmenting an existing team, this is what we want candidates to think. We want them to believe they're joining an elite... Continue Reading →

The Missed Candidate

A candidate dropped out of our recruitment process last week. This was particularly tough as I had approached the candidate directly (we had worked in the same company a number of years ago) and we had a number of conversations on the role which I think we both felt was a good fit. Truth be... Continue Reading →

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